"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."
That assumes the goverment takes money and destroys it. But that money is used to fund services and build infrastructure. It's put back in circulation, it goes into people's wages. Taxation is the real trickle down economics
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If you simply circulate money through the economy then your economy doesn't grow. Simple math. Also, the government distributing money always ends up in lobbying and corruption. It's not even politicians is basic human nature, power (and money) corrupt anyone

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These are completely separate arguments. Corruption is widespread anyway. Money is getting pumped in the system anyway. Also none of this is simple math. Economics is arbitrary. Believe me, i have a Master's degree in math and teach high school math/phys
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Long story short, taxation is not an on/off switch. It's a sliding scale. You can tax the uber riches a little more, have a lot more money, and they would barely notice. It's good and it's just
Why must an economy grow?
Ok but when the wealthy get money they don鈥檛 circulate most of it and the economy shrinks. The proposal isn鈥檛 just to circulate existing money, it鈥檚 to take the hoarded money that just sits and put it back into circulation, which would grow the economy.
And I鈥檓 down for putting limits on lobby influence and money in politics. Tell your senator