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i am in these tweets, but not of them
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The Governor and Senators from Texas offering their thoughts and prayers to Colleyville have stood in the way of every state and federal law that could have kept this dangerous person from accessing a gun. Every peer nation is home to anti-Semites; only America arms them.
Heidi and I are praying for those at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville and for the SWAT team and all other law enforcement on the scene responding. My staff and I are closely monitoring the situation and are in close contact with local and national authorities.
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The Governor of Texas - who has dismantled his state’s gun safety system - tweeted this in the middle of an hours long hostage situation in his state, in which a Rabbi and congregants of a Jewish temple in Colleyville are being held hostage by an armed anti-Semite.
Democrat policies to defund and dismantle law enforcement have led to chaos and increased crime. If Biden issues an executive order that hamstrings law enforcement & endangers our communities Texas will destroy it in Court just like the vaccine mandate. apple.news/AWjb3jhYgQaCv9tiz…
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All these new bands sound the…
Another good, though kind of depressing, 🧵 on the higher education zeitgeist I spent 7 years as an adjunct. The longer my contingent status dragged on, the more disengaged I felt outside the classroom. I loved teaching, but had no incentive to engage outside of class.
The ever brilliant thought partner @AKHicklin told me she and a colleague were talking about what the Great Resignation looks like for faculty. It's a good question, and here are a few of my responses.
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Even before COVID, I worried more than I care to admit about the risks of a global pandemic. COVID has been bad, but our lack of preparation, the politicization of the response, the mass sociopathy we've observed among so many of our fellow citizens...now I worry more.
I’m grateful omicron is sparing so many people from serious illness despite spreading so widely so quickly. But we should be building a world that’s better prepared for a virus that doesn’t.
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Whenever Manchin (etcl) say this, press should add “and this is JUST NOT TRUE.” Filibuster NOT in Constit. Invented in 1800s; became notorious under segregationists 1900s; weaponized by McConnell in 2000s. It’s like saying “We’ve had SEC dominance in bowl games for 232 yrs"
Manchin on the filibuster. Says it's been "The tradition of the Senate here in 232 years now..we need to be very cautious what we do..That's what we've always had for 232 years. That's what makes us different than any place else in the world.
this is a good, though depressing, thread I suppose one of the good things about my personal experience as a college/university adjunct with only a masters degree is that I didn’t have to personally deal with much of the frustration described here
Being an academic economist has been frustrating at times, but it finally took this weekend's Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association for me to articulate some of those frustrations. Follow along for my frustrations... 🧵
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which is exactly why it’s so galling when members of Congress or tv pundits complain about people who do actual work not wanting or simply not being able to work during a pandemic
morning chart. bls.gov/news.release/empsit.… elites who make policy are not the ones who live with its worst consequences. #evergreen
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Teachers are not safer in schools. I don't have the answers to how local schools are supposed to keep educating. I will never be ok with y'all expecting teachers to get covid, expose their at risk loved ones, become disabled, or die bc our leaders failed. Fucking stop it.
There is a big difference between closing because you must due to real staffing issues and preemptively closing because of lack of planning, understanding the new data with Omicron and/or union appeasement. Data says Teachers and kids are more safe in school than general society.
This man is paid to shill for rightwing Christian nationalist oil millionaires from west Texas. He is otherwise unemployable, and would not last one week as a public school teacher.
A reminder that “public education” is a babysitting service offered at the convenience of the government employees. Public education in Texas is about employing otherwise unemployable adults, not educating kids.
This sociopathic logic is what I’m trying to warn people about when I say that markets are amoral, and that relinquishing all power and responsibility to them is immoral. Markets don’t give a shit, but that doesn’t excuse people who participate in them from being decent.
Incredible mental gymnastics from Dave Ramsey here
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If union density in this country was anything like it should be those places would be shut down too
Replying to @mattyglesias
What seems so odd about the idea that it’s unjust to ask schools to function is that in the Year of Our Lord 2022, everything else is on — restaurants, dentists’ offices, stores, gyms, airports — why should schools be different?
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Tell me you don’t know how science works without telling me you don’t know how science works.
I’d hate to be an elementary school science teacher these days and to explain how quick “science” changes
without looking it up, how many of you know who Bob Vila is?
“…he seemed to travel with no news at all, as if the doings of the world were too slanderous for him to truck with, or perhaps too trivial.” #BloodMeridian #McCarthy
I was under the impression that @GregAbbott_TX had already assured Texans that the grid was just fine. 🤔 #txlege
Interesting: I'm hearing that on December 16, Gov @GregAbbott_TX plans to summon energy company CEOs for a day of meetings in his office to get their assurances the Texas electricity grid will hold up this winter. Developing... #txlege
I really miss being in the classroom, but I also don’t miss working myself to exhaustion for exploitation wages and no benefits!