What this “It could be worse, if the GOP was in charge you’d get nothing” argument has failed to grapple with for 30+ years is that failing to pass your agenda when in power guarantees that the GOP *will* be in charge again soon.
I’m angry the Build Back Better Act is getting pared back. But, in the alternative universe where a Republican holds Manchin’s seat, we’re in week 3 of a government shutdown and Ted Cruz vows to filibuster the bill reopening the government until Biden agrees to slash Medicaid.
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There is no way to get through to these people. They are simply incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions when in the majority. “I wonder if we lost because we governed badly and people didn’t like it” has never occurred to them and never will.
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Someone on here once said that the Democratic Party's entire approach to elections is that it can never fail, it can only be failed by its voters, and I think about that a lot

Oct 27, 2021 · 11:04 PM UTC